Changing Colours

A new look at the legacy of Dracula and Vlad III

Paul Thomas

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Changing ColoursCan a small-town singer from Romania and a PR Svengali perform the impossible – transform the legacy of Dracula from evil to good?

“A cracking read combining rags-to-riches stardom, first-hand insights into the world of media manipulation, questionable love, heady romance, and with ancient myth and legend insidiously creeping their way into a twist that makes the finale as unpredictable as it is intriguing.” – Chris Crowther, novelist and writer

An absorbing and mysterious modern romance inspired by the past – perfect for anyone who loves intrigue, mystery and passion.

A new look at the legacy of Dracula and Vlad III, the real Romanian prince behind the legend that examines the possibility of transforming his reputation.

Paul Dickson Books is pleased to feature this exciting debut novel from Paul Thomas.

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About the Author

Paul Thomas grew up in the East End of London. His first job was as a cub reporter for
Leytonstone Express and Independent and he subsequently moved to the Stratford Express.

At the Stratford Express and later in Fleet Street, where he was the Chief Sub-Editor of the Daily Sketch (the predecessor of the Daily Mail), he covered the legendary Kray twins and their haunts, The Blind Beggar Pub and the Pen Club (the scenes of several murders). He also had the pleasure of interviewing Winston Churchill and accompanying the Queen on a tour of the Docklands.

After moving to Norwich (where he now lives) he started a PR company which became a  global success. He sold it – twice – then started a video company, edited a boating magazine, supported a maritime charity and now is a business mentor to young people for the Prince’s Trust. He also leads and supports, charitably, several community publishing causes.