Ink In My Blood Audiobook

My half century in newspapers by Neil Haverson

Read by Nick Haverson ‘Brat Minor’

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Ink In My Blood AudiobookListen to Neil Haverson’s 50-year ride through the Norfolk and Suffolk newspaper industry, in this three-CD audiobook edition read by ‘Brat Minor’, Nick Haverson and with an introduction to Neil’s ‘greatest hits’ from ‘Brat Major’.

Enjoy Neil’s tales of bachelor life in King’s Lynn and sporting prowess on the cricket field and hockey pitch – also find out how he met Mrs H.

Neil has witnessed it all in the ever-changing regional media world – from flongs, hot metal and office cricket to full colour printing, digital editions and the web.

For much of his career, Neil worked in Eastern Counties Newspapers, latterly Archant’s commercial arm, but his talent as a humorous writer was discovered on the in-house Prospect magazine. This led to wry sporting columns and the famous ‘Fortress H’ dispatches in the Eastern Daily Press.

In this audiobook hear Neil’s ‘greatest hits’ from his Norwich Mercury, Eastern Daily Press and Let’s Talk magazine columns and his reflections on half a century of ink in his blood.

Nick Haverson said: “I read other people’s words out loud for a living nearly every day, but reading out my Dad’s words was a whole new experience. I had to cope with the shock that he was once young and then narrate the horror of my own childhood behaviour.”

Neil Haverson explained: “When I write I try to use words that will paint a picture in the reader’s imagination. Words and phrases that I hope will convey mood and humour. It was fascinating to hear them spoken aloud and see how Nick interpreted them. He got the message spot on. Not only because he was present for much of it but, according to his mother and his wife, he has a certain sense of humour. Not dissimilar to mine.”

Listen to an excerpt from the book here

Ink in my blood, My half century in newspapers was first published in paperback and e-book formats by Paul Dickson Books in March 2018 and was a finalist in the East Anglian Book Awards 2018.

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