On The Edge

by Tony Ashman

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On The EdgePublished 1 November 2018

On The Edge is a debut mystery novel from Tony Ashman

“Life was so good, and it was getting better. I thought I could achieve anything. Now my life’s falling apart. I’m in quicksand, and the more I fight the worse it gets. I don’t know if I want to keep doing this…”

Psychologist Alice is struggling to keep herself together after the year from hell. Circus performer Bonny is already falling apart. Private investigator Sammy is drinking himself to death. Guitarist Angus is nearing the end of the road. Prisoner Harry is already there.

Surely things can’t get any worse?
Five extraordinary people, with unique lives.
But they have one thing in common…they’re all living on the edge.
What they each need now is a guardian angel. But guardian angels don’t exist in real life…or do they?

Tony Ashman enjoyed almost thirty years as a Norfolk GP, based at Brundall Medical Centre, with a special interest in helping patients with psychological problems. He is married to Lis, a retired Nurse. They have two sons, both of whom have followed in their parents’ footsteps to work within the NHS. Tony is half-Greek and half-Welsh, explaining his love of music. He also enjoys running, skiing, and adores fell-walking in the English Lake District. On The Edge is Tony’s first novel.

Tony is donating his proceeds from the sale of the book towards a new dispensary at Brundall Medical Centre. To buy a book direct from Tony, please email him: tony.ashman@rocketmail.com

Tony Ashman cheque presentation at Brundall Medical Centret

Listen to Lady will you be my friend, a song from On The Edge – words and music by Tony Ashman, arranged and performed by Kit Marsden, click here