Cry to be Heard! by Steven Foyster, publishing 10 September 2021

The next book from Paul Dickson Books, Cry to be Heard! My Road to Recovery by Steven Foyster is publishing on September 10, 2021, rrp £12.

On May 16, 1986, Steven Foyster jumped off the top of St Andrew’s car park in Norwich, aiming to kill himself. Incredibly, he survived. This is the story of the long and hard road to recovery for his battered body and his fragile mental health. Steven’s humour and resilience shines through his narrative, as he battles through enormous physical challenges and faces up to the demons that drove him off the car park roof.

“All of life is here – and that includes death and eternity – so that contradictions become tenable paradoxes and darkness gives way to light. It may well make you weep, but it will also make you smile or even laugh out loud.” Brian Thorne, Emeritus Professor, University of East Anglia and Co-founder, the Norwich Centre.

‘No ‘Shazam-Boom-God-healed-me,’ then. No! Steven’s infectious tale reveals how ordinary everyday, lived, beneath the radar, lower case faith, hope and love combined to bring healing.” Reverend Richard Woodham.

£1 from the sale of every copy of Cry to be Heard! will be donated to Norfolk and Waveney MIND 

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